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The premier source to know how high is the impact of a publication remains the Thomson’s ISI Impact factor.

Only about 8% of highly cited papers have one or more authors with corporate affiliations, reports www.ScienceWatch.comthat is, authors who work for a company or corporation as opposed to a university or other research institution“.

The research fronts listed here have 20% or more of their affiliations from the corporate sector and at least ten highly cited papers. The strong representation of corporate authors may be taken as an indication of the commercial potential of the science or technology. The list focuses, in alternate months, on areas in the physical and the biological sciences. The percentage of papers that have a corporate affiliation is given along with the name of the corporation that has the most highly cited papers in the front.

See Biological reports, on February 2009: Merck leads the list, just before Novartis, Boerhinger, etc. 


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