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Impact of Librarians on R&D Process

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Engineers and Scientists indicated that Librarians affect the R&D process in a variety of meaningful ways:

  • Locate specialized information researchers have difficulty finding (59%)
  • Organize a firm’s internal documents for use by researchers (53%)
  • Connect researchers with the correct/most applicable resources (45%)
  • Suggest print resources not available electronically (42%)
  • Save significant search time for researchers, making them more productive (42%)
  • Are knowledge managers, helping researchers take advantage of resources (40%)
  • Save time & aid in research, contributing to cost savings & revenue( 38%)
  • Determine authoritativeness/relevancy of resources (38%)
  • Help researchers work faster, accelerating the research process (37%)
  • Direct researchers beyond the obvious resources (36%)           

     Akel, Martin & Associates. FREE Web search Vs. PAID search tools: a comparison of productivity in the Research Process, 2007. White paper. Online:

    Survey details: among 30,000 U.S. researchers in the corporate (industrial) market, from all types of corporate markets, including process manufacturing, discrete manufacturing, and private research firms, including Abbott, Merck, BMS, BASF, Pfizer, etc. Population: Research/laboratory management and staff researchers (scientists, chemists, engineers, etc.). 613 usable returns.


    MY OPINION: Several Independent (but sponsored by Elsevier) research studies tend to demonstrate that information tools and InfoPros presence drive successful research efforts and help companies stay competitive. Globally, Librarians image is excellent: they are considered as Key-actors in the successful Research workflow.  Sourcing (locate and arrange access) of relevant info sources appears as the first task assigned to Librarians. Cost-effectiveness (save time of researchers, ROI, cost savings), the second.

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