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Be serious while blogging!!!

We know well now most of flaws that 90% of Scientists see in blogs:

  • Top scientists prefer classic ways of publishing that are more prestigious
  • Science Blogs are only read by other Science bloggers, students, non-scientists/non specialists and journalists
  • « me to » (too much with the same information) + « I do » (too ego-centered)
  • Accumulation of Private stuffs, non-relevant widgets, links to commercial shops, etc.

(See Crotty, David. Why Web 2.O is failing in Biology)

All these non-relevant things have also contributed to lack of credibility.

To avoid that, I suggest the new concept of SLOG (for Serious Blog) where:

  • Content will be reviewed by peers or editors
  • Each contribution will be supported by relevant materials (datas, complete citations of sources, etc.)
  • Posts will not be duplicates of outdated news already published everywhere
  • Authors will deliver only knowledge and information (and non private stuffs, egocentric twittering, etc.)

Written by hbasset

June 3, 2009 at 7:50 pm

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