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Science 2.0 and the economic recession

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IRN’s 2008 research amongst academic researchers in the UK suggests
that, so far, only a minority are using these sites and that the sites are yet to have the major impact that has been predicted. However, a majority of researchers and scientists believe that they will start to use networking sites linked to their research more in the next year or so.

Use will grow as more researchers begin to appreciate the value of these
sites for the exchange of information and ideas, but increased use is
also likely as a result of the economic downturn
: these sites offer a free and effective alternative of finding and exchanging information to the traditional paid-for services. In mid-2008, feedback from academic librarians and information specialists in the UK suggested that very few were taking notice of these networking sites. Now, however, many more are suggesting that they will look at these sites as possible alternatives to using traditional paid-for services

Mort, David (for the IRN). Tight budgets affect scholarly information market. Research Information, August/September 2009. ONline:


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