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Many companies are in denial about information overload

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Here below, an interesting article on this well-known phenomena, with a list of direct impact on organization productivity.

Some extracts:

Researchers now say that the stress of not being able to process
information as fast as it arrives – combined with the personal and
social expectation that, say, you will answer every email – can deplete
and demoralise you”

“There are even claims that the relentless cascade of information lowers
people’s intelligence”

“Most organisations unknowingly pay a high price as individuals struggle
to manage the information glut. For one thing, productive time is lost
as employees deal with information of limited value”

“Another set of problems involves the constant interruptions we face,
whatever the value of the content”

“Another eerily familiar, if rarely articulated, consequence of
information overload is now receiving attention from researchers: the
delay in decision-making when you don’t know whether or when someone will answer an email”

Read more: Paul Hemp, The Guardian, Online:


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September 28, 2009 at 8:01 pm

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