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Elsevier “gives” Academics 2 new tools for internal assessment of productivity

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Elsevier is entering an educational market that has, now, adopted these new management techniques and tools for internal assessment of productivity and for external comparative assessment. (…)

SciVal Spotlight ( is intended to provide research administrators with a “strategic analysis tool that enables academic executives to make informed strategic decisions by measuring and evaluating an institution’s research performance. (…)

Elsevier sees the SciVal Spotlight as helping administrators in six key areas:

  • Identify specific areas of research excellence and emerging strengths
  • Identify areas of interdisciplinary research
  • View their relative standing to their peers in various disciplines
  • Uncover and identify new research opportunities
  • Determine areas of research leadership that may be at risk of being overtaken by others
  • Search for top candidates for external recruitment or retention within an organization

SciVal Funding (, the company’s latest product, is a “web-based solution that gives research administrators and researchers in the pre-award stage immediate and comprehensive access to current research funding opportunities and award information.” Citing the lack of a single source that melds funding opportunities with competitive information and local research data, Elsevier calls this “the most comprehensive funding intelligence solution” on the market.

SciVal Funding is intended to help researchers locate the most appropriate and most likely grant opportunities to maximize their potential for receiving funding. The product integrates information on existing award winners, based partially on published articles and other results of past winners, as well as other historic information on awards and information from the foundations, or other sources, on their priorities and goals.

Herther, Nancy. Elsevier’s New SciVal Products Target Academic Accountability and Strategic Planning. Information Today, Online (Posted On October 8, 2009):…


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October 12, 2009 at 7:36 pm

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