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Patents are under-used

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Why do scientists not use the vast technical information disclosed in patent literature?” asked a Patent attorney in the Biotech & Pharma Professionnals Network at Linked-In.

” (…) scientists do not explore the patent literature. The risk of reinventing the wheel is therefore very high, and many valuable man-hours are lost. About 80% of scientific technical information disclosed in patents is not disclosed elsewhere. (…) What can we do to change the perception that patent literature is not just legal documents?”

Amongst comments, ones suggested:

  • lack of trainings during scientist’s education
  • technical and legal jargon as a barrier
  • doubts on the reliability (not peer-reviewed; too much information, like numerous formulations, to protect the perimeter
  • disclosed information is minimal because of confidentiality risks
  • freedom of information is very new on this field and there is not yet a medline-like database to cover the worlwide information

Written by hbasset

November 16, 2009 at 8:10 pm

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