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Published in Journal of Science Communication.

The author studied 11 influent science blogs “to provide insight into the role of blogging in the promotion of more interactive forms of science communication“.

Science blogging is viewed as having a potential to become a new model for science journalism and as a powerful tool that can be used by academic institutions to disseminate scientific information and facilitate conversations about science. Some scientists argue though that science blogs reinforce the deficit model of science communication and blend discussions of science with ideologically driven commentary“. (…)


The findings suggest that science blogs are too heterogeneous to be understood as an emerging genre of science communication. The blogs employ a variety of writing and authoring models, and no signs of emerging or stabilizing genre conventions could be observed. Even though all blogs mentioned science or a particular scientific discipline in their descriptions, they differed in their voice representations, points of view, and content orientation“. (…)

They provide information and explain complicated matters, but their evaluations are often trivial and they rarely provide extensive critique or
articulate positions on controversial issues

Kouper, Inma. Science blogs and public engagement with science: practices, challenges, and opportunities. Journal of Science Communication. 2010, Vol. 9, Issue 1:


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