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ROI and Reliance of STM ejournals; Librarians role

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STM publisher Springer recently commissioned a report from research firm Outsell titled “Establishing Value and ROI: Investing in STM E-Journals and E-Books. The study includes a survey of 573 end users in corporate settings and several in-depth interviews.

The survey highlights that experimented clients rely on librarians expertise. “While an internet search engine such as Google is the most popular place for users to turn to when first seeking information (79% of respondents), library subscriptions to content are a close second. This reliance underscores the valuable role of the library or information services group, as does the third-highest option of seeking the advice of colleagues or experts (including librarians) within the organization

86% of biophama and research respondents stated that they frequently relied upon STM content.

Respondents felt that the biggest impact on their jobs with regards to ejournals usage over the past year related to time savings, most (81%) because the information was easily accessible through their library or information center and more than half (59%) because they avoided duplication of research that had already been conducted“.

According respondents, the most relied upon STM publishers for ejournals are:

  • Elsevier ScienceDirect: 48% of respondents
  • Springer, 46%
  • Wiley-Blackwell, 34%
  • PubMed, 27%, Thomson 16%, etc.
Hydock, Jim, McShea, Jo and Mukta, Ohri (Outsell Corp.). Establishing value and ROI: investing in STM e-journals and e-books. White paper, Jan. 2010. 22 p. Online:

Written by hbasset

April 6, 2010 at 7:43 pm

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