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Project team knowledge sharing and collaboration with SharePoint

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Information management systems provider Symyx Technologies, Inc., US, has announced the release of Symyx Isentris for SharePoint, a collection of Microsoft SharePoint Web parts that seek to improve project team knowledge sharing and collaboration in an information-driven R&D environment.
Integrating Symyx Isentris search/browse and data analysis tools with the SharePoint platform gives scientists access to real-time project information and critical decision-support capabilities within the context of a well- known enterprise collaboration portal.
In a recent Symyx survey of scientists currently using Symyx software, 45 percent of survey respondents stated that they also used the Microsoft SharePoint platform, making Isentris for SharePoint a useful complement to their existing research environment.
Scientific R&D is under enormous pressure to improve productivity and reduce costs,” said Dr. Trevor Heritage, president, Symyx Software. “Symyx Isentris for SharePoint helps project teams effectively pool their resources and do more with less. Scientists get single-click access to critical project documents and can launch common tasks and searches in a familiar collaboration environment.”
Scientists can view and share their latest project information in the SharePoint portal, and when deeper analysis is needed, download files from SharePoint to the Isentris client to access advanced Isentris query/browse, analysis, and reporting capabilities. Scientists can then quickly and easily post their analysis back to SharePoint where team members have instant access to useful new information and insights including successful search strategies, experimental results, reports, lists, and forms.
“Pharmaceutical companies face mounting challenges in today’s economy, from lengthy development cycles, increased complexity and strict industry regulations; driving the need to speed time to discovery and market for new drugs,” said Michael Naimoli, director of life sciences industry solutions, Microsoft Corp. “Symyx is helping scientists address these pressures, enabling enhanced collaboration across geographic regions and improved access to information, within the familiar environment of the Microsoft platform

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