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Ebook data to identify Experts

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Springer has expanded its service on the website AuthorMapper with ebook data.

AuthorMapper is a free analytical online tool for discerning trends, patterns and subject experts within scientific research. Currently the tool can retrieve information across all disciplines, from more than three million journal articles and over 742,000 book chapters from 29,000 eBooks. Adding eBook data allows all the benefits of specific eBook analysis just as the success of the journal data has shown in the past, said the publisher.trends, patterns and subject experts within scientific research.

AuthorMapper was launched a year ago offering searchable content from all Springer and BioMed Central journals. It provides a variety of analyses, such as keyword tag clouds and “Top 5” bar charts for various important metrics, and includes an interactive world map of the results.

The tool is used by academics, post-docs and emerging researchers to identify which institutions are the most prolific in specific research areas and allows for their comparison. According to Springer, it can even be useful for members of the general public seeking to identify experts, for example, medical specialists, working close to where they are located.

Announcement in IWR


Written by hbasset

April 20, 2010 at 5:06 pm

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