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Web: this is the end….

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… of the Golden Age!

According analysts at Forrester, let’s prepare for the Splinternet.

We are entering a new world full of mobile computing devices, iphones, social web, television connecting to web and so on. (…)

This means the standardised internet is fraying. The web is cracking. This splinters the web as a unified system – meaning each system, device and application will have its own format and network and technology. Internet’s 15 years of golden age is coming to an end.”

In the splinternet world the website per se becomes less important, so start understanding and trying out different platforms and devices. Choose those you think is useful in your information management and integrate them in your own unique way

The content is important but it is no longer the king

Information management means not just managing content but community, customer experience management and archiving and retrieval management. It’s time to move on to web experience management – WEM

Tim Walters, interviewed by Information World Review, 30/04/10.

Written by hbasset

May 10, 2010 at 8:48 pm

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