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SharePoint: lessons learned by a library

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This paper deals with how a library got used with SharePoint 2007.


  • The problem with SP is getting started
  • SP isn’t an “install and go” program“: trainings are required


  • Nice integration with the Office suite
  • Single sign-on for whatever
  • You push information to grups using permissions
  • Each user automatically gets “MySite”
  • It’s pretty clear that SP can do some cool stuff
  • SP is a lot like a Swiss Army Knife. It can do a ton of different things...”
  • We’ve found that people who love SharePoint also love talking about SharePoint” !!!


  • Start small but think big
  • “Plan ahead for unexpected growth”
  • Make sure the infrastructure and organization of your SP instance is extensible and flexible

Ennis, Lisa E. & Tims, Randy S. Harnessing the power of SharePoint for Library applications. Computers in Libraries, Vol.30, N°5, June 2010. pp6-13. Online:


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June 2, 2010 at 8:23 pm

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