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Social Networks and Productivity

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With the catchword “collaboration & productivity“, Nature Network (whcih claims 25,000 members) has released its new look and new features.

Does that means that collaboration or social networks are not productive sometimes????!!!

Commercial introduction:

Nature Network is the professional networking website for scientists
around the world. It’s an online meeting place where you and your
colleagues can gather, share and discuss ideas, and keep in touch. It’s
also where you can consult the community for answers to scientific
questions or offer your expertise to help others. Additionally, using
the Workbench, you can collate your online scientific tools or “widgets”
together in a customizable workspace, allowing you to group your most
important tools and information in the way that works best for you

Scientists can also benefit from interactions at the local level whether
discussing local news, looking for jobs or finding out about events


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June 9, 2010 at 4:27 pm

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