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Science Social Networks: the maturity?

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Looking at SAGE FaceBook and Nature Network, David Stuart believes that Social Network in Science have reached the age of maturity.

The popularity of social networking sites has seen them embraced by many organisations as they search for ways to engage with their stakeholders, including large academic publishers. (…)

Good organisations have always been looking for ways to have conversations with their usersSocial network sites allow for more informal communications, in the places and on the topics in which the user is interested. And this has not escaped the attention of academic publishers.


Unlike many other types of organisation that want to develop a social media strategy, academic publishers are already likely to have a strong web presence that interested parties will visit on a regular basis.

It is increasingly clear that social networking is reaching a level of maturity within academic publishers.

The world of both publishing and social media is constantly evolving, and publishers, like every other type of organisation, need to regularly reassess their communication channels. New technologies rarely fully replace established methods of communication… (…)

But really social media creates new opportunities, and it is up to publishers to add value …

Successful publishers of the future will be those who align their vision of social networking with that of their customers; those who ignore social networking will quickly lose ground.

Stuart, David. Networking sites help align publishers with customers; Research Information, June/July 2010.



Written by hbasset

June 14, 2010 at 7:38 pm

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