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is ChemSpider better than SciFinder and Reaxys?

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Because only a fraction of Chemistry knowledge is published on traditional sources, ChemSpider rely on millions of amateurs and experts over the world to build an extensive database.

According Antony Williams, (a ChemSpiderman of course)
What are differences between ChemSpider, Reaxys and SciFinder

  • Everything on Reaxys and Scifinder is curated
  • The data resources can be over a 100 years old
  • The platforms are commercial and “read-only”
  • ChemSpider is free, to everyone
  • Data are in a state of ongoing curation & annotation
  • Data resources are from the “electronic era”
  • Data are expanded daily and enhanced on an ongoing basis
  • The platform delivers integrated algorithm access

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June 24, 2010 at 7:33 pm

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