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Records Management: SharePoint is good at

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Says John Wise for FUMSI.

The Records Centre capability has been completely redeveloped with a function called Content Organiser which automatically moves records to the Record Centre, provides support for a records file plan, unique document IDs, and complex ongoing retention and disposal policies…

With an 88% compliance result, SharePoint 2010 is shown to be largely compliant, albeit with configuration still required to address specific records management functions such as security classifications, physical record tracking and easy email capture...”

The analysis concluded that SharePoint 2010 has the capability, subject to suitable configuration and support, to be a serious option for a compliant ERMS solution.

SharePoint integrated with Office is able to make most recordkeeping invisible to end users by defaulting metadata based on location, content type, templates or actual content.

Wise, John.  SharePoint 2010: Changing the Paradigm with a Business-Oriented Approach to Records Management. FUMSI, July 2010.


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