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Your Library catalog with SharePoint

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According this consultant it is possible to manage (more or less) easily a Library catalog with SharePoint.

2 ways:

  • To contact a vendor who provides specific add-ons for SharePoint. For the US market, she mentions SydneyPlus and InMagic.
  • To develop by yourself your portal including a Library database

In this case, Lirarians who are not IT specialists would use the technology of “programming without coding” to maximize web parts offered by SharePoint.

The consultant encourages a close collaboration between Librarians and IT people
“‘One size would not fit all’ libraries so setting up SharePoint directly ‘out of the box’ would not work.
Without librarian input, the IT department that was not composed of librarians generated hundreds of information silos without any relationships to each other

Weldon, Lorette S.J. How is SharePoint used in Libraries? FUMSI, August 2010, online:


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