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My latest article: SharePoint for Librarians

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Ten years after its first beta version, Microsoft’s SharePoint is now gathering momentum in organisations around the world. The article reviews what this means for information professionals.

  • 2010 is the SharePoint year

  • The crème of Web 2.0

  • Applications for libraries

  • To SharePoint or not?

Yes, SharePoint might be the next ‘Big Thing’ for information professionals. Shall we watch the train leaving without us as happened with the internet in the 1990s? Of course not! It is time to expand our horizons and promote our skills.

I encourage librarians who read this article to jump on the train, to be educated in SharePoint and to move forward in a new career as ‘knowledge engineer’. This way you might become the future SharePoint document librarians.

Basset, Hervé. The Swiss Army knife for Information professionnals. Research Information, August/September 2010. pp. 22-23


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August 18, 2010 at 4:08 pm

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