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SciVerse is born!

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As announced earlier, Elsevier successfully launched Sciverse during last week-end.

A few changes:

  • and web sites (as well as alerts) are affected by the SciVerse design (not a success!).
  • ScienceDirect was upgrated with new functionalities like image searching, keywords highlighted in PDF file, etc.

The Hub Sciverse (beta version) works as a kind of search-engine combining

  • Abstracts from Scopus
  • Full-text content from ScienceDirect (ejournals + ebooks)
  • Summaries from SciTopics (a scientific wiki by experts)
  • Web content from Scirus

As far as I have tested, data are well integrated and well deduplicated within the hub.

Bad points:

  • colors & logos are a disaster! (sorry, my personal opinion)
  • In the version I have tested, the interface is too poor in terms of analytic tools: Matching Sentences or Most Prolific Authors applications  by NextBio are not yet implemented;

SciVerse is restricted to Elsevier’s customers.

Commercial pages are under:


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August 30, 2010 at 5:15 pm

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