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Library 2.0: an evolution, not a revolution

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Seventy-six librarians in Australia participated in a series of focus groups in support of research exploring the skills, knowledge and attributes required by the contemporary library and information professional in a world of ever changing technology.

Library 2.0 was broadly viewed by participants as being about change whilst librarian 2.0 was perceived by participants as not a new creation but just about good librarian practices.

Participants expressed the general belief that personality traits, not just qualifications, were critical to be a successful librarian or information worker in the future.

Participants perceived Library 2.0 as being an evolution and not a  revolution.

It is a refinement of what libraries have always done (i.e., provided an information service and attracted users to this service).

For this reason, the role of libraries has not changed, but the nature of the service being offered has. Participants noted that library 2.0 has heralded a change in the tools employed in libraries and used by both librarians and users.

This study has shown that librarian 2.0 has more to do with attitudes and traits than it does with technology.

Helen Partridge, Victoria Menziesa, Julie Leea and Carrie Munroa. The contemporary librarian: Skills, knowledge and attributes required in a world of emerging technologies. Library & Information Science Research, Volume 32, Issue 4, October 2010, Pages 265-271
Library and Information Science Research in Australia


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