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Commercial data in Reaxys

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Reaxys now to integrate commercial data from, as SciFinder already does.

Press release:

Elsevier announced that Reaxys now provides an enriched commercial availability service, as a result of the ongoing collaboration between the Reaxys development team and eMolecules.

Chemical procurement of commercially available compounds is now incorporated into the reaction and substance search workflow.

Research chemists can now immediately access the eMolecules ordering page, complete with full quantity, pricing and vendor information, all via the eMolecules icon.

It becomes part of the overall research workflow, the chemist can order the desired compound and easily continue with their reaction or substance query

eMolecules is the world’s leading open-access chemical structure search engine, providing chemistry eCommerce solutions for suppliers of research chemicals and industrial and academic research organizations.

They deliver chemical building blocks and screening compounds worldwide from any supplier in any requested physical format.

They are the most popular chemistry web site, distinguished by fast results, ease of use, and up to date information about commercially available chemicals.


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September 15, 2010 at 7:26 pm

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