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Quertle: A great new semantic search for Medline

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Find meaningful results in context, not just long lists of documents

Quertle is a free search engine for the biomedical literature, providing linguistic approaches to get much more relevant results, returning documents where the author has stated a relationship between the search terms, not just simply throwing back long lists of documents where the terms have been found scattered throughout.

Currently it provides access to all of PubMed, open access full-text articles from PubMed Central and BioMed Central, FierceMarkets news articles, whitepapers, Toxline, and the NIH RePorter database, and is adding more databases all the time.

Because we find and report to the user the specific facts of interest from those articles (nicely highlighted in context), the searcher has a much better idea of whether the article contains information not in the abstract that is worth buying from the publisher.

Why Quertle is different:

  • It’s easy – Quertle’s friendly interface makes it simple to search and refine results.
  • It’s powerful – Using advanced semantics, Quertle finds quality results, not just long lists.
  • It’s inclusive – All of PubMed, a growing number of full-text documents, news, and more.

What’s good:

  • ease of use

  • types of publications: literature + news + whitepapers

What’s bad:

  • ads on the middle of results

  • only based on PubMed (hope they will sign with STM publishers)

30 seconds to understand what is semantic search in science:



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October 8, 2010 at 8:08 pm

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