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How to find Experts with the Social web?

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  • Wikis: Wikipedia and Knol: authors are often well-known experts
  • Blogs: use specialized engine like Google Blog Search
  • Presentations: use the search form on slideshare
  • Twitter: TOPSY returns results showing you who has been speaking about your keyword the most, on Twitter
  • Linked-In: use the Advanced search to type keywords or browse topics groups
  •  Experts Directories (Q&A service maintained by volunteers)
  •  Whos Talkin searches across many different sites including blogs, social networking sites, news sources, social bookmarking sites, and video and image sites

My opinion: these free tools, whatever their quality, cannot be compared with an extensive search on paid databases (literature, patents, etc.) to identifiy opinion leaders, etc.


Written by hbasset

October 20, 2010 at 8:51 pm

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