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Scientific articles: Free Full Text Vs Scholar Google

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A new source that is worth to be tested…

Free full Text , a beta paltform by Knowmade, is based on Google Custom technology, with a search engine indexing over 10 million of free PDFs on science fields.

Our search engine currently indexes the full text scientific articles from more than 120 databases, web editor, open archives and so on. … This figure is constantly changing because we are always expanding the site” told me Brice Sagot, the founder of the French small business.

 At the souce of the project was a frustration regarding the poor indexing of Google Scholar:
Google Scholar is not comprehensive and we have identified certain types of publications are not indexed. For example, in some scientific journals (eg PNAS), in addition to the article, authors can publish “Supporting Information” to specify the materials and methods, new figures show etc.. …. And Google Scholar does not index information that can be very interesting”

Freely accessible at:

Let’s keep an eye on this promising initiative…


Written by hbasset

December 17, 2010 at 8:49 pm

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