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Sharepoint for internal communicators

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According a recnt survey by Melcrum,

37% of SharePoint communicators want to increase the use of Collaboration tools

What are benefits and pitfalls of a new intranet platform?
Based on the experience of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia where was managed previously a confusing set of 45-50 intranet sites (with various CMS, Documentum, FrontPage, etc.) and where they moved to SharePoint 2007.


  • Usability: rapid publication of news, etc.
  • Integrated search
  • Flexible workflows
  • Authentification
  • Administration, synchronisation with the active directory
  • Versioning in document libraries


  • Text editor is poor
  • Photo editing
  • Archiving limitations

Lesons learned:

  • Do not underestimate resources for training and support
  • Take your time for initial implementation

Conclusion: Recent survey show an increase of satisfaction levels from 61% to 78.4%

Coughlan, Hugh. Introducing SharePoint at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. SCM, Vol.14, issue 2, Feb-Mar 2010. pp. 20-23
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