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Clinical queries: Pubmed better than Google Scholar

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Comparison of PubMed and GS results for clinical topics in respiratory care.

Our results suggest that PubMed searches whith the Clinical Queries filter are more precise than with the Advanced Search in Google Scholar for respiratory topics. PubMed appears to be more practical to conduct efficient, valid searches, for informing evidence-based patient-care protocols, for guiding the care of individual patients, and for educational purposes

GS is inappropriate as the sole alternative for clinicians. (…) For now, the optimal application of Google Scholar may be as an adjunct resource, for known authors and articles, or perhaps for initial searches to quickly find a relevant article“.

Anders, Michael E & Evans, Dennis P. Comparison of PubMed and Google Scholar literature searches. Respiratory Care, May 2010, Vol. 55, N°5, pp. 578-583


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January 27, 2011 at 9:08 pm

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