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ChemSpider improves its search

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The Royal Society of Chemistry has announced some improvments into its famous free database…

GGA’s open source Bingo chemistry search engine will now be available for use on the ChemSpider website, enhancing the ability of users to efficiently conduct searches of the nearly 25 million chemical structures within the ChemSpider chemical database.

Bingo provides the next-generation, fast and efficient storage and searching solution for chemical information. It sets the industry standard in structure and reaction registration and retrieval, implementing state-of-the-art indexing algorithms within an underlying database server and making chemical searching fast and reliable.”

ChemSpider offers a structure-centric community for chemists to resource data.  Offering access to almost 25 million unique chemical entities from over 400 data sources and by providing a platform for crowd-sourced deposition, annotation, and curation, it is the richest source of free integrated chemistry information available online.
ChemSpider delivers data and services to enable the semantic web for chemistry.
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January 31, 2011 at 8:34 pm

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