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Twitter “is not, exactly, a blog killer.  But it has dramatically reduced the amount of routine news or links that I post. (…)

What have a learned, from this long sejour entirely in Twitterland?  First and foremost, I think one loses a lot by not blogging.  Twitter can to some extent maintain a presence online, but it can’t expand it or make substantial impact

Pretty much all of the opportunities that have come to me from sharing online came from sustained blog posting, from long-form sharing of my own ideas, not from tweeting or retweeting. 

If you want to share your ideas in a way that will generate substantial discussion and spark interest in a major way, you have to write in the long form

It’s the content creators who are the top of the Internet pyramid – to have an impact you must be writing your ideas, narrating your work. 

Twitter does a much better job of “ambient awareness” in a few senses – it lets me know generally what major events are happening… amd it is also a good way for me to find links of interest in specific topic areas.

Akerman, Richard. 18,000 tweets and counting… Science Library Pas. posted on January 30,2011.

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