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Information professionals (IP) have vital skills when it comes to successful IT procurement and implementation (…) .
The trick is to make sure we are heard!

Why are information specialists so often unthought of in such processes? Our range of skills, including searching, cataloguing, storage, Knowledge Management (KM), information retrieval etc are extremely well-suited to numerous activities within a professional organisation.

Our ability to act as facilitator between IT departments and non-IT professionals is often overlooked, nevermind our (usually) positive attitudes, efficient knowledge-sharing and willingness to engage others.

We have often witnessed failures with initiatives such as KM, as they have either been driven by IT and thus are far too technical, or possibly lead by owners who insist on fulfilling their own needs rather than those of others.

This is certainly not a complaining exercise regarding other individuals. Information professionals have many characteristics that can truly make a difference within an organisation, particularly with integration of IT.  

We just need to make sure they are noticed.

Beaumont, Jon. Influencing IT decisions. Information Today, posted on January 31, 2011.


Written by hbasset

February 1, 2011 at 8:23 pm

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