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Big Pharmas remain cautious using social media

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A recent survey by Deloitte shows that big pharmas are still relunctant to engage massively into social media.

The use of social networks has exploded over the past few years:

  • one in three Americans research their condition online use social networks
  • 60% of physicians are using or are interested in using social networks for professional purposes
  • SERMO, the dedicated SN for physicians, is a real success

 Anyway, life sciences companies lag firms in other industries in their social networks presence. Only 11% of Pharmaceuticals Fortune100 are on Facebook; 33% have blogs; and 22% are on Twitter.

Currently, half of surveyed life sciences professionals do not have plans to use social networks.
Reasons are:
#1 Respondents perceive lack of regulatory guidance (from FDA) as the biggest barrier to adoption

#2 Patients’/consumers’ wish for privacy

#3 Lack of demonstrable Return on Investment

To Friend or not?  New insights about social networks in the Life science industry. Deloitte, white paper. Dec. 2010. Online:


Written by hbasset

February 8, 2011 at 8:26 pm

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