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Social Media standard for Big Pharmas

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A good paper I missed in last october:

Roche has moved to master the hazard-prone digital communications space with a new set of internal guidelines on when, where, and how to apply social media tools to communicate with key stakeholders and the public.

The initiative is a novelty for Big Pharma—Roche says it is the first in the industry to go public with a transparent standard for online behavior

The guidance relies on simple “common sense” language, but carves new ground in making explicit the need to:

1) Differentiate between using social media in a personal versus professional context;

2) Build clarity in speaking about the company and on behalf of it, through third parties; and

3) Advocate for employees to serve as “scouts” in tapping networks to identify “sentiment and critical issues.”

The document has been welcomed—if not widely celebrated—by the digital pharma community as a good example of corporate transparency and openness.

Perhaps the most talked about point in the principles is the call for employees to act as scouts.

It is inevitable that other Big Pharma companies will try to build on the document and follow the Roche lead.”

Upton, Julian. Roche sets a New social Media Standard. Pharmaceutical Executive, Online, Oct. 1, 2010.


Written by hbasset

February 17, 2011 at 8:02 pm

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