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Sciverse ScienceDirect: the first review

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As far as I Know, this is the first published review of the recent Sciverse ScienceDirect.

The author gives an in-depth vision of the product: search facilities, screen shots, resources content, list of improvements, etc.

He reminds the aim of the project: “The aim seems to be not only to create an interface that provides broad functionality on par with other database search tools that many searchers use regularly but also to create an open platform that could be changed to respond effectively to the needs of customers”.

Conclusions of the reviewer are rather positive:

The image search is a handy feature. The images search allows users to find articles containing images, including tables, in which they are interested. This allows users to not only use those images but also to cite them properly by their article of origin. (…)

 SciVerse has its shortcomings, but it is an excellent all-around search tool. (…). by offering advanced keyword searching, citation searching, a very solid image search, strong tools within the list of returns, and an integrated package, Elsevier has made an extremely useful product for the research community.”

 Bengtson, Jason (2011). ‘ScienceDirect Through SciVerse: A New Way To Approach Elsevier’, Medical Reference Services Quarterly, 30: 1, 42 — 49


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