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Social search: ask Fred!

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There are many indications that social is the future of search. A Nielsen study revealed that 90% of people rate the people they know as their most trusted source of information.

Experts advise info pros to embrace the growing trend and understand how they can unlock the knowledge and experience of their own, personal networks.
One such “social search” service called is launched with a view to enable people search questions asked and answered, and find other users’ profiles, in addition to seeing traditional web results.
Experts point that the information world becoming more social is a positive development for consumers, enterprises and industry generally.
One reason for its insurgence is that web search technology and networking are converging to make it easier to harvest and distil peer group expertise.
Gilbey said: “People are incredibly generous with their time and expertise: combining search with the knowledge of people’s personal networks will enable people to benefit from more useful and relevant information and answers.”
Info pros must think about what web technology is going to look like, and how it affects the way they interact with people and get hold of information.


 Is social the future of search? Information World Review, 18/02/2011.

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February 23, 2011 at 9:53 pm

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