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Reading: Mendeley for research collaboration

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This article might finish to convince you that Mendeley is not only the best citations tools but as well a wonderful collaboration network…

Zaugg, H., West, R.E., Tateishi, I., Randall, D.L.
Mendeley: Creating communities of scholarly inquiry through research collaboration (2011) TechTrends, 55 (1), pp. 32-36. 

Abstract: Mendeley is a free, web-based tool for organizing research citations and annotating their accompanying PDF articles. Adapting Web 2.0 principles for academic scholarship, Mendeley integrates the management of the research articles with features for collaborating with researchers locally and worldwide. In this article the features of Mendeley are discussed and critiqued in comparison to other, similar tools. These features include citation management, online synchronization and collaboration, PDF management and annotation, and integration with word processing software. The article concludes with a discussion of how a social networking tool such as Mendeley might impact the academic scholarship process 



 Thus far, social networks built around academic research have not become widespread, perhaps for two reasons. First, researchers have little time for another social network unless its functionality benefits them and improves their research. Second, academics and researchers might hesitate to openly post their developing research lest they get pre-empted by another researcher or receive public criticism for their still-evolving research.  (…) . Mendeley, a free open-source tool available at , seeks to address these concerns. (…)

 Mendeley focuses on researchers’ libraries instead of on the researchers themselves. Thus, networks can be formed around strands of research and specific articles…

 The off-line version of Mendeley is an effective and user-friendly citation tool competing with tools such as Endnote, Refworks, and Zotero while incorporating PDF management and annotation features. 

 Mendeley can report how often articles are saved by different users and how articles are being tagged. This enables two important features. First, it creates a useful list of keywords relating to different articles. Second, it enables the researcher to see how often different articles are being read, or at least accessed. This has the potential to improve upon popular citation indices that rate an article’s popularity only by how often it is cited. Mendeley’s approach potentially gives a truer sense of an article’s impact by showing how often an article is accessed or looked at. 

Mendeley is a time-saving free tool for researchers, creating value regardless of how much the social networking potential of the tool is exploited…

However, the real power of Mendeley lies in the potential to collaborate, either within a known group or team or with unknown researchers. A researcher may set up a research group with fellow collaborators.


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March 7, 2011 at 5:43 pm

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  1. “Mendeley, a free open-source tool available [..]”
    Not true. And doesn’t bode well for the accuracy of the article itself.

    Avram Lyon

    March 7, 2011 at 6:20 pm

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