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… with, it is the suggestion of Bjoern Brembs to solve information overload and unability of scientists to share and diffuse their knowledge…

We all now enjoy social technology facilitating information transfer such as Twitter, Facebook or Friendfeed… (…)

There are some efforts to use this technology in an academic setting such as citeUlike or Mendeley, but the efforts are comparatively small, without major scientific funding agency support and  unfortunately rather isolated…

 One particular aspect that has been bugging me for years is the ridiculously tedious way in which we have to deal with the scientific literature. We browse through tables of contents, save database-keyword searches in various places, subscribe to press releases or other alerts in again various other places and listen to podcasts…

 I spend somewhere around 10h every week sifting through irrelevant stuff only to find one or the other nugget in there every other week or so. This discovery per search time ratio is just anoyingly low.

Here’s another example how innovation in the general sphere solves an analogous problem, while scientists still don’t have anything comparable at their disposal: They parse all the URLs in the Twitter feeds you subscribe to and (using ‘ magic’) generate a ‘newspaper’ with the most prominent stories of the past 24h.

This works so well that by now I’m selecting who I’m following on Twitter partially by what kind of links they post. I rarely ever read Twitter posts or post there myself – but I do at least scan my every morning.

When will scientists be able to get a newspaper like this on their desktop every morning?

 Scientists need information technology to efficiently search, filter, rank and discover what their colleagues are publishing about. provides a glimpse of what such a technology might one day look like, but so far, only the general public is allowed to use it, scientists are still stuck with stone-age technology. When will science catch up with modernity?

 When will we have something like for scientific publications?


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March 14, 2011 at 9:08 pm

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