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WoS Vs Scopus: which is better? studies by Intellogist

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Kristin Whitman has started a serie of studies regarding Web Of Science and Scopus for the (excellent) patent community Intellogist.

The question “which is better” is really unanswerable – first you need to decide what “better” means” she says.

Some of her findings:

  • Coverage: number of active or inactive titles (2/28/2011)
    • Scopus: 29,566 titles, of 15,175 are unique
    • Web of Science: 18,843 titles, of 4,452 are unique
    • Common: 14,391
  • Coverage: type of journals
    • Scopus: 93% scholarly journal – 3% Trade – 2% Report – 2 Book series
    • WoS: 98% scholarly – Book series: 2%
  • Coverage: country of publication breakdown
    • Scopus: US, 30%; UK, 18%;  NL, 8%; DE, 7%; FR, 3%, etc.
    • WoS: US, 38%; UK, 17%; DE, 7%; NL, 6%; FR, 3%, etc.

To be continued…

Whitman, Kristin. Web of Science Vs. Scopus: which is better. Intellogist, Online:


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