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Study case: wiki implementation at Pfizer

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Pfizer has been described as an early adopter of Enterprise 2.0 technologies for improving collaboration and new ideas. (…) 

The introduction of social media at Pfizer was a grassroots initiative beginning with the establishment of a blog by an individual employee. The blog was open to all employees.

(…) the deployment of wikis at Pfizer began in 2006 when a team leader in the Research Technology Centre (RTC) installed Mediawiki on a computer under his desk. His goal was to launch a scientific encyclopedia with articles being developed collaboratively by Pfizer’s internal research and development team.

The wiki (referred to as Pfizerpedia) proved very popular receiving 12,000 hits from 13,000 Pfizer employees worldwide in the first year.

(…)  Pfizerpedia has become an integral part of Pfizer’s I.T. landscape. The potential of Pfizerpedia is not limited to enhancing collaboration and information sharing among the global workforce. (…)

Pfizerpedia has made it easier to connect researchers and this can help spark innovation and speed pharmaceutical development process which in turn can maximize Pfizer’s return on R&D.

 Craig Standing and Sarah Kiniti. How can organizations use wikis for innovation? Technovation, article in press


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March 29, 2011 at 4:37 pm

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