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New NextBio applications for SciVerse

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Life sciences software provider NextBio, US, has announced the launch of two new applications on the Elsevier SciVerse platform.

 The new applications are projected to demonstrate NextBio’s capabilities for searching for relevant text in all types of content at the document, section, paragraph and sentence level.

The two new applications are SearchAssist and Section Search application.

The SearchAssist application leverages NextBio’s auto-complete API and provides auto-complete suggestions composed of terms gathered from diseases, compounds, drugs, anatomy, organisms, genes, biogroups, SNPs (over 18 million), author names (over 6 million) and other biological concepts. It leverages a number of open ontologies including MeSH, Snomed CT, PubChem, DrugBank and Gene Ontology.

The Section Search application decomposes an article into eight sections: Title, Abstract,  Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Summary and Captions. A user can search through one or more of these sections to retrieve articles of interest and further filter their results using faceted (Year, Journals, Authors and Affiliations) navigation.


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April 8, 2011 at 8:37 pm

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