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Researchers and Social media

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2 thoughts in the latest issue of RI, June 2011.


Rethinking publishing, Sian Harris, p.12

The use of social media was highlighted in another talk by Bill Russell of Emerald, who presented results of a recent global survey done with UCL in London into the social media preferences of 2,414 researchers. The study found, he said, quite a big gap between use and awareness. Perhaps surprisingly, the most used web-based social tools were not Facebook or any other social networking site but Skype, followed by Wikipedia and Google Docs – and 63.4 per cent of social media active researchers use just one or two types of social tools.


Current research assessement could miss the big picture, David Stuart, p. 18

Social media sites go in and out of fashion, leaving little time for any one particular metric to gain widespread acceptance. The impact of a researcher’s work on Twitter may seem relevant today, in two years time it could be deemed as relevant as a researcher’s impact on MySpace.”


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