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Measure your Twitter impact

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Great idea to audit our own Twitter account to know exactly what is the ratio spent time / real impact…

Chris Brogan gives some tips:

Quick Twitter Audit

  1.  Look at your last 20 tweets. How many were @ replies? How many were retweets of other people’s work?
  2. Are the tweets you hope will be retweeted under 120 characters so people can retweet them?
  3. Of the people you follow, how many are “influential” in some way, how many are potentially good for referrals, how many are just celebrities?
  4. How often are you tweeting? Is less more? Is more more? Are you burying your good stuff?
  5. How are you feedingTwitter? What are you giving your audience to consume? Do you share interesting articles? Do you point out your lunch du jour? What’s the plan?
  6. Are you autotweeting your post titles? Is that bringing you lots of response?
  7. Have you checked the click-through stats on your short links? For instance, if you use, take the URL of anything you’ve posted, copy it to a browser bar, and add a +, like this: “” , and you’ll see the stats. How are you doing?
  8. How many folks are you gaining a day? Not that this matters greatly, but it sometimes gives you a sense of whether someone’s into what you’re saying.

Brogan, Chris. Take a Twitter audit, Online, posted on 15th of June 2011. 



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