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Bayer apologizes for uncontrolled tweets

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Bayer (BAYRY)’s apology for two tweets about the erectile dysfunction drug Levitra and multiple sclerosis therapy Sativex shows how pharmaceutical companies have been virtually ringfenced out of using social media to promote drugs. (…)

It seems trivial because it is. But tweets, status updates, Facebook “Likes” and other forums in which a drug company’s “official” social media pages can include thousands of added, unapproved comments from members of the public, are proving a huge headache for the highly regulated, risk-averse and deeply conservative world of Big Pharma. (…)

The entire industry awaits policy guidance on social media from the FDA, whose “review” of new digital communications is now in its third calendar year with no final report in sight.

Edwards, Jim. Placebo effect: Bayer apologizes for tweeting: pharma’s never-ending social media nightmare. Online, 6th of July, 2011.




Written by hbasset

July 8, 2011 at 5:03 pm

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