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Pharma on Facebook: past, present and future

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An excellent summary in PharmaPhorum, by Wendy Blackburn.

Can pharma and Facebook still be friends? (…)

I estimate there are more than 150 live Facebook pages across pharma, device, and animal health… (…)

Gardasil’s “Take a Step Against Cervical Cancer” page (no longer live) had over 100,000 members and was among the first pharma Facebook pages (…)

The perception: Pharma companies don’t have open, two-way dialogue in social media because they:

1. do not want to hear or address negative comments

2. do not want to address tough questions and concerns people may have about products / their condition

3. do not want to report to authorities (such as FDA) the product side effects / adverse events that may be posted

4. want to have 100% control of the conversation for the wrong reasons (i.e., they don’t want competitors mentioned, etc.)

5. just don’t understand the meaning of “social” in social media (…).

While we see opportunities for pharma to leverage social media, we recognize it is not for everyone. And we encourage clients to use social media as the medium was intended – with authenticity, transparency, and as “real-time” as possible. Case- by- case, our clients determine their own risk tolerance level, balancing potential benefits with inherent hazards.

Blackburn, Wendy. Is it worth the risk for pharma to engage in this uncontrolled space? PharmaPhorum, online, posted on 8th of July 2011.


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July 11, 2011 at 8:03 pm

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