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FaceBook, parents behave the same as their teens

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Parents are a whole lot like their teenagers when it comes to their behaviour on Facebook. That’s the finding of a new study by University of Guelph researchers, in Canada.

Parents are just as likely as their kids to disclose personal information on  the social networking site (…)
And (gasp!) mom and dad are just as susceptible to the need for popularity. (…)

Facebook is not just a phenomenon among young people,” ….

The online environment influences people of all ages. Both parents and teens share and show more about themselves than they might in other social settings, and the same psychological factors underpin that behaviour.”  (…)

Adults were actually less conscious of the consequences of sharing personal information on Facebook, the study revealed. For both groups, spending more time on the site made people more likely to share. Less awareness of  consequences and greater desire to belong predicted more disclosure of personal information. (…)

People with a high need for popularity may indeed care about their privacy, but they may not be willing to sacrifice their popularity by implementing privacy controls“…

Just like teens, parents get personal on FaceBook. Medical News Today, Online. Posted on 12th of July, 2011.


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