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The email addiction

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Reported by Science Library Pad:

email, the killer app that is unkillable

E-mail is not an optimal tool for many types of collaboration, but it is very difficult to get people to move away from using email.  In fact it’s difficult to get people to send less email and to stop checking their inbox every six seconds.

Two salient quotes from a recent >Globe and Mail article

The real problem of e-mail is people, and people are not a solvable problem.” [quote from Merlin Mann of]

In one 2001 study, [Thomas Jackson] found that employees reacted to 70 per cent of incoming e-mails within six seconds of their arrival. Dr. Jackson calls it “an addiction.” Problematically, it took them 64 seconds to recover their train of thought after the interruption, a dismal stat considering numerous e-mails flowed in every five minutes.

Globe and MailConfessions of an inbox obsessive – July 15, 2011

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