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Eli Lilly: communication challenges in social media

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Using blogs and Twitter, drug maker shows how Big Pharma can communicate online, despite industry constraints. (…)

Eli Lilly and Co. can’t talk about drugs or diseases, nor share patient stories on its blog or Twitter account. (…) Despite the restrictions of the heavily regulated pharma industry, LillyPad managed to find its voice.  (…)

Until last September, the company was invisible on social media. Strict regulations and the company’s ties to the federal government made it wary about getting involved on social media (…)

Instead of worrying about what Lilly couldn’t say on social media, it concentrated on what it could.

Kueterman says the blog focuses on four topics: public policy, advocacy, corporate responsibility, and life at Lilly. And it’s working

Are people really interested in following a Big Pharma company on Twitter?

“Not a lot of people are,” Kueterman concedes.

But @LillyPad hits its key audiences: legislative and staff, the media, philanthropists, and key stakeholders in Indiana, where the company is based.

So far, it has gathered more than 4,000 Twitter followers. Kueterman and his team tweet two to three times each day.

Levco, Jessica. How Eli Lilly walks the social media tightrope. HealthCareCommunication, Online, posted on 26th of July 2011.





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