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Pubget revamps

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PubGet, one of my 3 favorite alternatives of PubMed, has announced a redesign of its website…

Press release:

Pubget Inc has announced the launch of the latest version of,
the search engine for life science PDFs. beta, launched in
2008 at Harvard, MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital, was created to
eliminate the roadblocks faced by ten million researchers in their daily
search for life science literature.

The latest launch represents the most significant redesign since the
site’s inception. The improvements change look, feel and workflow.
Unchanged are the site’s search, authentication and retrieval
capabilities, and millions of direct paths to publisher content as
supported by over 450 libraries.

While the web brought the most important published scientific research
online, it has remained locked behind a variety of content sites and
paywalls, it has been observed. Pubget makes that research instantly
accessible through connecting disparate resources together in the cloud,
or ‘cloud sourcing,’ while still respecting copyrights


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August 1, 2011 at 4:34 pm

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