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Social Media: role of librarians

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The ALISS (Association of Librarians and Information Professionals in the Social Sciences) one day summer conference – Social Media, Libraries, Librarians and Research Support (held at Coventry University in July 2011) attracted over 30 delegates from university libraries, the British Library, hospitals and publishers.

Some findings:

  • Adoption of Web 2.0 tools has little to do with the age of academics but seems to depend more on the ‘type’ of person they are.
  • Academic adoption of Web 2.0 tools is hindered by their concerns about quality and lack of trust.
  • There are a multitude of Web 2.0 tools that are freely available and it is essential that researchers use tools that are relevant to their needs.
  • Librarians and information professionals are ideally placed to raise awareness of Web 2.0 tools and applications, to help academics find appropriate tools, and to provide any necessary training.

    Presentations are at:


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