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65% of american physicians have used SM for their professional practice

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QuantiaMD and Care Continuum Alliance Study Explores the Role of Social Media in Improving Patient Care

  • Physicians are highly engaged with social media for both personal and professional use
  • Nearly 90% of physicians use at least one social media site for personal use
  • while over 65% have used at least one to support their professional practice
  • Physicians see promise in online physician and patient communities for improving patient care, but are struggling with the associated challenges
  • Over 20% of respondents are “Connected Clinicians” who use two or more social media sites for both personal and professional use
  • Only 11% of study participants were familiar with online patient communities, but of those with a familiarity, an impressive two-thirds believe these communities have a positive effect on patients
  • Almost 40% of these physicians say they already recommend these communities to their patients and another 40% would consider recommending them, suggesting a growing acceptance by the medical community
  • Nearly 30% of clinicians access online physician communities

Source: PharmaLive, Online on 12th of September 2011.


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