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Semantic web: a folio

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FUMSI has released in July a folio dedicated to the semantic web.

It is a collection of 4 articles, directed by Martin Belam.

The first part is composed with an “historical” article that Silver Oliver wrote in 2008 and where he predicted, for instance, the move from the pull to the push search paradigm, associated with “context-aware” applications.  Let’s have a look to our current search environment in databases to see how various facets, semantic refine features, context-based apps, etc. have invaded the search interfaces and to understand how accurate were his predictions  in 2008.

The rest of the folio introduces different technologies and standards that will change the Web in next months:

  • HTML5, the markup language
  • The Linked data “philosophy”
  • Microformats to improve your publishing
Basically, the folio is a very good introduction to the semantic web for beginners and curious, written in a clear language by and for information professionals…
Belam, Martin (Dir.). FUMSI report: the semantic web. FreePint, July 2011. ISBN 978-1-907594-79

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